An alpha1-release of the upcoming version 0.3 has been made by our new team member slythfox. Check out the changelog or download it directly.


phpSQLiteAdmin is a Web interface for the administration of SQLite databases. Right now the following operations are supported:

Release notes

Version 0.2 comes with some new features and a lot of internal cleanups and refactoring. Check the changelog for more details. phpSQLiteAdmin is still in an early stage of development. It comes free of charge and without warranty. If you want to know more, see the license.


Just extract the archive, it will create a directory phpSQLiteAdmin-x.x. You need the PHP SQLite extension. It is bundled in PHP since 5beta1. For PHP4, the extension needs to be installed separately. Windows users can find the php_sqlite.dll in the PEAR repository. Under Linux/Unix, you can either install it by typing "pear install sqlite", or in case you are using Debian Linux: "apt-get install php4-sqlite".

Important: The system database "phpsla.sqlite" must be read/writeable by the user the webserver runs under. You probably have to modifiy the file's permissions. Note that under Linux/Unix the directory in which the database resides in must also be writeable! The same is true for any other database you want to manage with phpSQLiteAdmin.

Want to help?

Check out the Sourceforge project page, and/or join the developers mailinglist.